Saturday, 24 January 2015

Our aims for 2015

Now that the January Offensive is underway in earnest we thought that we would publish some of our goals for the year, with the intent of fundraising to allow us to make it happen, and to let you know of our ambition for contributing to this great movement of ours.

1. Produce 120,000 professionally designed fliers for use in nationally co-ordinated public action.

2. Host four national outreach offensives covering weeks at a time between now and the general election.

3. Provide a day's professional organising support to the movement every week.

4. Host four organising and movement development training sessions.

5. Send 200,000 campaigning emails to supporters and contacts across the movement to publicise important initiatives, build turnout for key events and provide key information to our comrades on matters of concern to the movement.

6. Establish a volunteer callcentre the democracy movement, that can be engaged at short notice, and used strategically to provide organising capacity at key campaign moments.

7. Talent scout to identify 24 new leaders among our contacts, and push them to fulfill their potential for the movement.

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