Saturday, 5 May 2012

#TheEventTheyTriedToBan in the Glaswegian

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Video report:

Maryhill Sports Fans Serve Up An Ace With Tennis Courts Restoration

Maryhill tennis courts Image 1
SPORTS enthusiasts turned out in force to help restore outdoor tennis courts to public use at the weekend.
The grounds, in Maryhill Park, also include a running track and campaigners wanted to increase sports provision for young people.
Initially, Glasgow Life – who run sports facilities in the city – had suggested they would report any damage to the site to police. But they later opened the gates to allow about 60 people to help with the clean-up.
Two courts should now be open for use by the end of the week.
Stephen Koepplinger spearheaded the clean-up drive. But he admits relations with Glasgow Life are still
strained. He said: “I don’t really understand what their problems are with us using the facilities.
“I want to reach out and engage with as many organisations as possible. I had all five courts looking beautiful last year but as soon as I got them done, they locked them up.
“Glasgow Life don’t want me using these facilities because I’m not a member of the Lawn Tennis Association.
“It’s very hypocritical for the Commonwealth Games host city. We already pay for the service and facilities through council tax but nobody uses them.”
Glasgow Life insist the city has invested £17million in sports facilities in six locations within walking 
distance of the Maryhill site – including a new £8.3 million leisure centre at Maryhill Park and numerous indoor and outdoor pitches.
A spokesman added: “Over the coming months, planned investment work will be carried out to upgrade the tennis courts and specialist work is planned for the running track.
“We allowed the group access to the site, to allow for a spring clean of the surrounding areas.
“Glasgow Life, in partnership with local clubs and other agencies, are looking at future plans for investment at the site.”

Friday, 4 May 2012

It's a victory!

For community! 

The candidates commit to meet with community, and to make their views plain on the community agenda. Mhairi Hunter, Jehangir Hanif, and Soryia Siddique were all duly elected. We recognise their commitment.


 Elected candidates for Canal Ward made prominent pledges to defend North Kelvin Meadows. We recognise their commitment. Save North Kelvin Meadows interviewed on this commitment at #TheEventTheyTriedToBan The event itself led to park maintenance that community leaders had been calling for, as part of our Glasgow Won't Be Fooled campaign. A great step forward. Thanks for listening, Glasgow Life. We recognise your efforts.

Hillhead ward was also the scene of another local victory when QMU student leaders got candidates to commit to meet student leaders to discuss ongoing housing problems, to tackle anti-social landlords in the area. But perhaps the biggest news of all was re-elected Cllr Mohammed Razaq committing to up the number of socially rented homes in the Maryhill Locks development from 143 to over 400. A very significant commitment, and one we want to recognise, which tops off a great election for organised communities!


Community leaders will be meeting to discuss the results of the local election for Glasgow on Sunday, the 20th of May. If you want to be part of our process of holding councillors to account for their community commitments please get in touch with our organiser, at: