Monday, 6 July 2015

The Vow - ISSUE 1


We have produced a free sheet for *anyone* to download and distribute.  There is no original work involved (except mild editing).  This information is all news already in the public domain, and as this will naturally be produced on a cost basis, ie at a loss, because these articles are being reproduced purely on their news value, no copyright law is infringed.  We know however that among NO voters there is an information gap.  By reproducing online, or lesser read news the goal is to spread information only, and let people make up their minds about whether The Vow is being honoured...

Please feel free to print off and distribute this information.  We will also produce a central print run, and collate and target distribution for where getting this information out into the public domain would be the most useful places to do so, and will organise a fundraiser ASAP.

Our aim is to produce a freesheet keeping people in the loop as much as possible.  Our aim is to produce a bulletin of this size in this format on a quarterly basis, but we will react to events if we can, should more timeous news need to be produced.

Original articles at:-

Deafening cheers as Westminster celebrates using English votes to block Scottish Home Rule
SNP demand Cameron thinks again on EVEL plans

Lords amendments to Bill 'add insult to injury'
Tories vote to keep veto over Holyrood’s welfare powers

Outrage as one of Scotland's top female academics called new SNP MP Mhairi Black 'a slut'
Margaret Burgess Housing and Welfare Minister: We need to work together to create a fairer benefit system for Scotland
Chris Cairns' artwork: EVEL Knieval graphic.