100 Citizens Stand Up

Sustain the grassroots campaign! Be an active citizen.
Glasgow Labour stood on a manifesto of 100 Promises.  Since then were re-elected, not only have they departed from this manifesto, but they have been mired in scandal after scandal.  When the pay-out to Ronnie Saez was deemed 'misconduct' by the charities regulator that seemed to indicate open season for further payout scandals.  The privatised incinerator and the nepotism of the deal.  The pay-out to Robert Booth.  The scandal at George Square.  Mr Matheson's, then Mr Davidson's, then Mr Singh's, then Mr Matheson's then Mr Singh's criminal indiscretions.  Then David Crawford's payout.  It just goes on and on. And nothing changes.

Well it's about time it did.  We are the community based opposition to municipal corruption.  Our methods are simple: community organising.  Our goals are to root out corruption, take out private prosecutions and use other methods see the corrupt brought to justice, and to win a thorough-going national public inquiry into corruption at Glasgow City Council, to ensure that never again will Scotland suffer from organised criminality in its local government.

We have organised numerous public meetings, written articles, organised a number of actions, forced climbdowns from the council. We have given speeches outlining where they have been corrupt. We have detailed the case. We are organising to bring private prosecutions, and we are actively seeking justice and democracy for Glasgow on a number of fronts. But we need to build our campaign to be even stronger still.

Can you be part of this?  We are recruiting 100 private citizens to regularly donate to the campaign, to enable us to organise meetings, fund volunteer expenses, print leaflets, run workshops, and organise creative actions against Council graft.  They have their 100 Promises, and how they are failing to adhere to them.  We are 100 Citizens banded together to win real change in Glasgow/

Sustaining citizens will be invited to participate in the campaign AGM, will be kept up to date with the campaign, and will be actively encouraged to give feedback and get involved, to whatever extent they are able. Your support will be recognised by all.

Sustain the grassroots campaign! Be an active citizen.

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  1. I am glad to contribute my time to this cause. Can you give me more details? Get me on FB as Ivan Coghill.