Monday, 18 November 2013

Dossier On Municipal Corruption Released by the 100 Promises Campaign

This dossier outlines a variety of cases of malfeasance in public office.  Some of the allegations may indeed be criminal.  Many are within the letter of the law but certainly outside of the standards we might expect of public officials.  Some of the stories were already - at least in part - in the public domain, but have never been collated together before.  Several are entirely new allegations, which we have come by either by means of eyewitness testimony, or by our own investigations.  Where we rely solely on witness testimony we have made this clear.  It is not our intention to defame or besmirch the reputations of any individuals, and we are more than willing to recognise that witness testimony may be partial or insincere, so throughout this dossier where we are relying on witness testimony we make this clear.  Some of the allegations however we believe to be watertight evidence of malfeasance.