Monday, 22 September 2014

Now is the time and now is the hour. Build the rebellion.

Let us build the rebellion.

Power in Community is 100% committed to the democracy rebellion in Scotland.  For so long as 22,000 children continue to eat out of foodbanks, and 1600 people across Glasgow are sanctioned at an average of 3 months with no food; for so long as the youth of today have no prosperous tomorrow, we must extend the democracy rebellion in this country.

We will fight.  And we will win.

We have all learned in this first battle to canvass.  Now we must learn how to build social movements.

We will offer training to all YES leaders for the battles to come.  We will focus our efforts on the titular heads of Toryism, and we will build an unstoppable force among those workers who continue to suffer from the ill effects of monetarism that have so eroded democracy and social justice in these islands.

Please consider funding us to put paid organising staff into this fight to propel the movement forward.

Support our organising.
For now tho, we leave you with some thoughts.

Labour out of Scotland 2015:

The democracy movement's next step:

What is to be done: