Monday 6 July 2015

The Vow - ISSUE 1


We have produced a free sheet for *anyone* to download and distribute.  There is no original work involved (except mild editing).  This information is all news already in the public domain, and as this will naturally be produced on a cost basis, ie at a loss, because these articles are being reproduced purely on their news value, no copyright law is infringed.  We know however that among NO voters there is an information gap.  By reproducing online, or lesser read news the goal is to spread information only, and let people make up their minds about whether The Vow is being honoured...

Please feel free to print off and distribute this information.  We will also produce a central print run, and collate and target distribution for where getting this information out into the public domain would be the most useful places to do so, and will organise a fundraiser ASAP.

Our aim is to produce a freesheet keeping people in the loop as much as possible.  Our aim is to produce a bulletin of this size in this format on a quarterly basis, but we will react to events if we can, should more timeous news need to be produced.

Original articles at:-

Deafening cheers as Westminster celebrates using English votes to block Scottish Home Rule
SNP demand Cameron thinks again on EVEL plans

Lords amendments to Bill 'add insult to injury'
Tories vote to keep veto over Holyrood’s welfare powers

Outrage as one of Scotland's top female academics called new SNP MP Mhairi Black 'a slut'
Margaret Burgess Housing and Welfare Minister: We need to work together to create a fairer benefit system for Scotland
Chris Cairns' artwork: EVEL Knieval graphic.

Friday 6 February 2015

Reports from the January Offensive, Pat

Pat: "I manage 3 visits at different times of day.

People I did speak with were so peed off with Jobcentre Plus and what it stands for.  Positive about SNP.  That could be a knee jerk reaction but I don't think so cos a few claimants seem to know a fair bit.

There just aren't any jobs in this area unless you want to be a carer in a home, or cement mixer operator. I have lots to say to people on my travels." 

[Lanark Jobcentre]

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Reports from the January Offensive, Sheila

Sheila: "We were doing Wester Hailes job centre on Wednesday the 28th from 11am. 

We did not too bad. Despite the weather being awful we got most of around 500 fliers out to claimants."
[Wester Hailes Jobcentre]

Saturday 24 January 2015

Our aims for 2015

Now that the January Offensive is underway in earnest we thought that we would publish some of our goals for the year, with the intent of fundraising to allow us to make it happen, and to let you know of our ambition for contributing to this great movement of ours.

1. Produce 120,000 professionally designed fliers for use in nationally co-ordinated public action.

2. Host four national outreach offensives covering weeks at a time between now and the general election.

3. Provide a day's professional organising support to the movement every week.

4. Host four organising and movement development training sessions.

5. Send 200,000 campaigning emails to supporters and contacts across the movement to publicise important initiatives, build turnout for key events and provide key information to our comrades on matters of concern to the movement.

6. Establish a volunteer callcentre the democracy movement, that can be engaged at short notice, and used strategically to provide organising capacity at key campaign moments.

7. Talent scout to identify 24 new leaders among our contacts, and push them to fulfill their potential for the movement.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Reports from the January Offensive, Pete 

Pete: "At Maryhill jobcentre today! The Home Rule leaflets going well! Jan"

[Maryhill Jobcentre]

Monday 12 January 2015

Join the January Home Rule Offensive

The January offensive! Two weeks of outreach and mobilisation.

Can you help the Home Rule campaign?

From this Thursday, the 15th, until the end of the month Yes In The Community is co-ordinating outreach at jobcentres across the country for the General Election.

[ More info @: ]

We need to boost turnout to ensure electoral success, and to let claimants know that the Unionists' Smith Commission proposals do not propose devolution of welfare we have to get out there and speak to as many as possible.  We also hope to recruit people facing Westminster's dystopian welfare cuts to the Home Rule fight.  In order to do anything to halt benefit sanctions and work capability assessments (which are the main cause of foodbank visits) we first need Home Rule.  This is why we are urging people to vote SNP to win these powers, so that we can STOP the penalising and scapegoating of the disabled and the unemployed, and gain a stronger voice for social justice.

Will you be joining us? There is a jobcentre in *your* part of the country.  Leaflets and materials will be provided, and outreach at different locations as well as teams you can partner with is being co-ordinated on facebook.  Local events will depend on volunteer interest, but every contribution, however small, builds the Home Rule momentum.  Can you help Scotland win?  Further information here:-