Monday, 6 January 2014

A fresh start for Glasgow?

Just before Christmas, on the 20th of December 2013, the 100 Promises Campaign handed in a copy of our dossier on municipal corruption at Glasgow City Council to every Glasgow Councillor, to Unite, Unison, the Archdiocese, the Presbytery of Glasgow, the Free Church, the Crown Office, the Procurator Fiscal, and to Glasgow Central Mosque.  This month we will be seeking meetings with each of the civic leaders at these institutions to see what we can do to address this issue.  A new year and a chance for a new start to politics Glasgow.

This was the text of our callout: "Last month we launched our dossier at a press conference in Johann Lamont's constituency. It was covered in Glasgow Community Media, and received widespread billing and interest. However we need to make sure that all of the authorities and important civil society institutions receive a copy so tha
t they can see the extent of the problem, and the need for a public inquiry.

To that end we intend to lead a delegation of citizens through the city centre to hand a copy to every councillor at the City Chambers, to the Crown Office, to the Procurator Fiscal's office, to Glasgow Central Mosque, to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, to trade unions, to the Kirk's Presbytery of Glasgow and to the Free Church. What we are handing in should be of interest to all of these institutions, civic and governmental, and we urge leaders from these institutions to make full use of our report over the festive season to enable us to make 2014 the year of a fresh start for Glasgow. It is time to wipe the future clear, of the lies of the past, that we now know were never real.

Now is the time for a public inquiry. Join us in making that call loud and clear."

Our delegation of community leaders hands in a copy of the dossier
to the Procurator Fiscal and Crown Office.

The receipt from handing in a copy of the dossier to every councillor.