Monday, 12 January 2015

Join the January Home Rule Offensive

The January offensive! Two weeks of outreach and mobilisation.

Can you help the Home Rule campaign?

From this Thursday, the 15th, until the end of the month Yes In The Community is co-ordinating outreach at jobcentres across the country for the General Election.

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We need to boost turnout to ensure electoral success, and to let claimants know that the Unionists' Smith Commission proposals do not propose devolution of welfare we have to get out there and speak to as many as possible.  We also hope to recruit people facing Westminster's dystopian welfare cuts to the Home Rule fight.  In order to do anything to halt benefit sanctions and work capability assessments (which are the main cause of foodbank visits) we first need Home Rule.  This is why we are urging people to vote SNP to win these powers, so that we can STOP the penalising and scapegoating of the disabled and the unemployed, and gain a stronger voice for social justice.

Will you be joining us? There is a jobcentre in *your* part of the country.  Leaflets and materials will be provided, and outreach at different locations as well as teams you can partner with is being co-ordinated on facebook.  Local events will depend on volunteer interest, but every contribution, however small, builds the Home Rule momentum.  Can you help Scotland win?  Further information here:-

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