Friday, 14 November 2014

What is Yes In The Community up to?

Since the referendum we have learned that the Police Scotland investigation we won into Glasgow City Council malfeasance has yet to lead to a prosecution.  We are disappointed in this, but are continuing to seek redress, as testimony continues to pour in about malpractice in Scotland's largest, Red Tory run Council.

We have organised to send over 6000 personal submissions to the Smith Commission, arguing for 100% Home Rule.  We are building a Home Rule Covenant, which we are extending across Scotland with a number of mass signings planned outside institutions which have a hand in delivering 'The Vow.'  We also organised a mass signing of the Home Rule Covenant outside the Labour Party's Glasgow HQ.  This followed a march around locations in Glasgow connected to Lord Smith which won press attention and which we sent a write up about to Lord Smith and his Commission.  We are hosting another mass signing event outside Lord Smith's fracking HQ at the Weir Group in Glasgow 2 days before Lord Smith decides whether we are are to get powers over energy and the ability to stop fracking. 

[See facebook event for forthcoming mass signing:]

We began preparatory work to build a local social movement to help bring Johann Lamont to account.  Between the end of the referendum and her resignation we had organised several canvass sessions in her constituency.  She chose to fall on her sword as Labour leader before her community could bring her to account.  We remain confident the people of Glasgow Pollok will pay her no special sympathy vote in 2016, however.

We have held a conference to discuss our strategic direction, meeting in Glasgow's YES bar.  Out of this conference we are launching a week of action, from the day Lord Smith publishes his report on how he believes 'The Vow' should be honoured.  This week of action will ensure jobcentres across Scotland are canvassed, and those who we signed up during the independence campaign to the electoral register are asked if they indeed got their vote.  We will ensure that publications spelling out just how important voting again in the UK elections in 2015 is to kicking out the Red Tories, and how that's connected to devolving powers over welfare to Scotland for ending the humanitarian crisis.

We have been meeting with rally and protest organisers across the country.  There is a task to be done in bringing the YES movement together.  In the past YES HQ had named contacts who were 'organisers' who they spoke to regularly.  This was what ensured continuity the most.  In the absence of this basic infrastructure many people are reinventing the wheel, replicating work that is going on elsewhere or not otherwise benefitting from economies of scale.  There is a need to bring people together thru relationships and networks, and so we are engaged in an ongoing 121 campaign meeting as many people as possible face to face.

One of the things we intend to be doing much more of over the coming few months is extending social movement organising training on a cost basis to the movement.  We know that there is a real hunger for engagement in this great movement of ours.  We think this engagement would be greatly more effective if it was informed by social movement organising methods and disciplines, and we believe the movement would be much much more powerful than it has been till now.  If you would like to book a training or find out more, please get in touch.


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