Saturday, 13 April 2013

'La Plus Vielle Alliance Du Monde' - A Communication With The French Consulate

The letter handed to the French Consul reads as follows:-

Dear Monsieur Coffinier,

We wish to note our concern at BBC Scotland portraying the position of the French Government as opposed to Scottish independence.  The French Republic, rightly, has made no such statement, or shown any desire to dissuade or persuade Scots to vote for independence.  Nonetheless many Scots have been left with that impression after remarks made by a French Euro MP were reported by the BBC as if they reflected the ‘French view.’

It is with incidents like this in mind that we respectfully ask that you make representations to the French Government to request that OSCE-ODIHR international election monitors are brought to Scotland to monitor the independence referendum.

France has always been an ally of Scotland.  The French Government has stood by Scottish democracy in the past.  The ‘father of Scottish democracy,’ the suffrage campaigner Thomas Muir, was granted citizenship and asylum after being persecuted by the British Government for his commitment to democracy in Scotland.  When de Gaulle visited Scotland he described the relationship between our two countries as “La plus vielle alliance du monde.”

It is in the spirit of that ancient amity and friendship that we ask for your support today.
Yours sincerely,

Nick Durie
Organiser @ Power In Community

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