Saturday, 28 April 2012

Maryhill / Kelvin. Candidates QT & Glasgow Won't Be Fooled (playlist)

Mohammed Razaq commits to up the number of social homes at Maryhill Locks from 143 to over 400!

Local schools still an issue for Maryhill. The candidates make their pitch for election. Voting records on school closures. Community questions on a range of issues, from council tax to social housing, to potholes, to gender equality and domestic violence. Candidates asked to join community leaders in taking community cleanup public action against Glasgow Life mismanagement of Maryhill Running Track and Tennis Courts, and to support a local cycling centre at Maryhill Locks. The candidates are quizzed on the community agenda.


Sitting councillor Mohammed Razaq commits to strengthen the social housing component of Maryhill Locks Development to over 50%. Candidates discuss the common good fund. SSP candidate commits to support community agenda in full. Green candidate supports all community agenda calls for action on jobs, supports much else in agenda. Candidates answer questions on accountability and community dialogue with Glasgow Life. Local people should be encouraged to use local assets. Discussion of the culture of excessive payments among senior officials in a time when ordinary people's family budgets are being hammered. Potholes are discussed. The question of commitments to tackle gender inequality and prospectus of their parties policies on tackling the issue is put to the candidates. All the parties were invited. The Tories fail to reply. Alex Dingwall can't manage. And the SNP showed up but their candidates were unwilling to be filmed.

Can you help build accountability in this city? Take part in this process. Sign the community agenda petition today:

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